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Composotions to Productions

Established by the drama fanatics and acting enthusiasts of IFMR GSB. From composing the play to stage production to publicity, everything comes under the purview of Abhinay. Staging plays on various occasions, events and addressing a variety of issues through them while entertaining the audience is a quintessential quality of our club. We believe that drama does not just walk into your life, either you create it, invite it, or associate with it. This is whom we are meant to be. This is ME.

Addressing hard-hitting realities through our plays like “Bhagat Singh in new era” and “monotonous life”, we make sure that the taboos attached to some of the harsh truths of the society are set aside and impel the audience to think. With the act like “Kali”, we familiarised everyone with the story of the triumph of the good over the evil by enacting the story of Rakthbeej and Kali from the mythological saga of Goddess Durga in the event of Durga Puja.
Abhinay is based upon the belief that each person has a story to tell, each person has a thespian thirst to quench. In acts like “Showman” and “Kilkari”, along with our core members, we embraced the theatre enthusiasts in our colleagues to successfully pull off a grand spectacle. We also conduct inter-college and intra-college events for entertainment purposes and to encourage everyone to show up their skills on stage.



Shivam Tripathi
Sayali Patil
Vindhya Rastogi
Yash Modi
Ravindra Singh Ranawat
Shubhi Gupta
Shammi Dubey
Shivani Sinha
Rashi Shroff
Chinmai Das