Visual Arts Society

Kala is the Fine Arts Club at Krea University, a collective for all artists who practice and are passionate about visual art forms to convene and collaborate. We plan to conduct workshops within as well as outside the club, for and by experienced artists as well as beginners, and everyone in between. There is no one artistic skill we focus on, keeping in mind the fluidity of the global 21st century Visual Arts trend, as well as the artistic culture embedded in the geopolitical location of the University – we encourage everything from calligraphy to pottery, photoshop, doodling, sketching, painting with various mediums and surfaces, scientific drawing, abstract and classical art, Kalamkari and art criticism. The club also conducts Live Drawing Nights and Art Therapy sessions frequently for the entire student body and will continue to do so. The aim of this club is to provide a safe space for artistic expression and growth and to allow art to freely interweave with all aspects of the individual and institution. We also have teams branching off from the main club body that exclusively and dedicatedly work on Fashion and Murals, and we hope to multiply the number of such teams based on interest and initiative from the student body. We have a studio space coming up on Campus, which will be designed and refurbished with inputs from the club members.



Gauri Goyal
Meera Trivedi