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Media Arts

Publications - Online and Offline

The Media Arts Club aims to create a space for students to engage, experience and immerse themselves in various forms of media including digital and traditional print media. One of the primary activities of the club involves the publication of Krea’s weekly newspaper, which serves as a forum for discourse, dissent, and diverse opinions as well as student voices.The club is a broad umbrella under which specialized clubs function.The Film Club provides a unique, creative platform for students deeply interested in film: be it film-making, film appreciation, film reviews and film festivals. In addition to organizing film screenings, the club supports the creative endeavors of budding screenplay writers, cinematographers, video editors, actors, and directors. With the aim of bringing together like-minded people and share knowledge about the art and science of photography and videography, the Photography Club creates a community in which students can learn, teach and showcase their skills in photography and videography.   The Media Arts Club also encourages and supports student ventures such as informal podcasts, vlogs, music videos and other creative forms of digital content.



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Anuj Jacob
Manasa Krishnan