Music Club

Krea’s Music Club Antara provides a safe, collaborative, non-judgemental, and creative space for all musicians and music enthusiasts to explore and express themselves through music. Antara also focuses on keeping a dynamic teaching-learning relationship and works towards creating opportunities for musicians to showcase their talents, thereby defining Krea University’s musical culture and appreciation. Krea focuses on different avenues of music like A Capella, the Krea Choir, Hindustani Classical and fun events and workshops for vocalists. Antara is also space where instrumentalists and music producers can focus and strengthen their own skills and even learn how to play new instruments and produce quality music through peer to peer learning. From jamming sessions and fun workshops to practicing for events, we believe that working with each other creates a strong sense of understanding, learning, and trust in the community and helps us express ourselves musically and have a lot of fun!



Khushi Santosh
Parvathi Kosuri