The Main Hall



Academic Committee

Arnav Jalan

I am a first-year student from Mumbai and am passionate about entrepreneurship and design! In the Main Hall, I am a part of the Academic Committee and have worked on several projects ranging from curating and creating the first-ever series of “Know Your Faculty” to the creation of study groups and even creating this website. Moreover, I have worked tirelessly alongside students, faculty and the dean to introduce one-credit courses such as film appreciation and astronomy. I have also set up the work-study program at Krea, and I tend to work with the Admissions, Communications and Outreach teams to ensure that there are student feedback mechanisms and involvement in place. One of the offices that the Academic Committee is actively working with is the Office of Career Services and Partnerships to ensure that summer schools, local and foreign language courses, trimester abroad and internships are opportunities everyone can avail of. I also create a google calendar for the whole batch to ensure no one forgets about classes!

Ananya Raju

I am a first-year student from Bangalore with a keen interest in Mathematics, Economics and Psychology. As part of the Academic Committee, I have worked on projects including the organisations of peer study groups, organisation of factory tours, curation of the Instagram series and talk series "Know Your Faculty 1.0". I have worked extensively in tandem with both students and faculty to enhance course designs and credit structures. The work has also involved aiding the Admissions and Outreach teams, to facilitate student interactions and representation, as well as the incorporation of the voices and opinions of the student body across both channels. Another aspect of the work, is the plentiful working alongside the Office of Career Services towards facilitating internships, summer schools, language courses and other study abroad opportunities across various fields and schools of interest.

Campus Life Committee

Extra-Curricular Committee

Finance and Resources Committee

Sahil Borse

Hey I’m Sahil! I’m a Music lover and I play the guitar. I enjoy playing football and I’m an enthusiastic MUNer. I’m looking to pursue Economics as my major at Krea University. My role as a moderator is to ensure there is an efficient flow of debate between all committees and students and also shaping and implementing procedures and policies for our student body.

Tanay Mittal

I am from New Delhi, and am passionate about Sports (mostly Football), with a slight heart for writing and dancing. In the SIAS Main Hall, I am one of the Moderators, whose main roles till now have been to moderate and organise meetings (of the Main Hall, Town Hall, as well as various subsections of it), minuting said meetings, deciding and setting in the procedures for said meetings as well as the protocols and mechanisms for various processes like the impeachment system for different representatives, a system for complaints and feedback, etc. I, along with my co-moderator, also play a key role in the main hall meetings by being present as the neutral party that represents the voice of the rest of the student body in the meeting.

Sarthak Jaiswal

The campus life committee works to make your everyday life on campus better. We are working on new hostel policies, new food menu and are trying to renovate public spaces on campus. Apart from that we organize General Awareness Forum and advocate for a politically active and aware campus culture. We are two guys who are here to help.

Adwaith W. S

We essentially make sure that the campus doesn't suck. Sarthak and I have worked on improving our food quality, organizing shuttles to Chennai, conducting political awareness forums, , along with solving everyday problems such as making sure our water isn't brown, and requesting bats to not invade our dorms without at least a 36 hour notice. It has been rumoured that we will attain Moksha after getting cross access.


I am a representative of the extracurricular committee. We focus on making campus lively and happening with events and discussions that celebrate diversity and representation. I am a big advocate of holistic learning and live my life on the same lines. You can see me interacting or dancing with everybody on campus. So if we meet, let's talk sometime?

Pranesh S

Myself Pranesh one of the representatives of Extracurricular Committee. Conducted events, festivals in campus. Created a bond and conducted collaborative events with IFMR. Facilitated club activities, helped few of them in collaborating with IFMR. Created a good relationship with workers in campus, nearby village people, shops, orphanges, old age homes and Read India center.

Irene Mariam Sarah

I am one of the extracurricular committee representatives. I think the name of the committee clearly describes the things that come under our jurisdiction. As an active person in sports and cultural and also as a person with passion towards extracurriculars I believed that I would be able to contribute towards the development as well as achievement of a unique culture for the University and also to help the various stakeholders of the university to attain exposure as well as experience in extracurriculars by providing equal opportunities to each and every person. This I think is something all three of us in this committee aim to achieve by the end of this year and I hope I am doing my part well . Quite honestly the main hall has become a cute little family and it certainly is a pleasure to be a part of that family.

Aishwarya Sivaramakrishnan

Eternally grateful for the existence of books and potatoes, and dreams of moving to Germany and owning a library. Can be spotted pondering over spreadsheets, filing expense claims and running around to collect bills along with fellow representative Chirag. Will never give up an opportunity to crib about sending and receiving emails every day. Tends to lose her temper if there are no supporting documents, but will calm down if you offer her a bowl of Maggi.

Chirag Singhal

I finished my 12th grade from Navy Children School, Mumbai (CBSE). I will pursue economics in college. I also love engaging with sports, both by watching and playing as well. I joined the committee because I felt I can learn many things while also contributing to the growth of Krea. I have, along with my co-representative, Aishwarya, have set up a procedure which assists the student body to not only procure equipment, but to also organise and take part in various events.