Spreading knowledge

Q-Team, the quiz club of IFMR GSB, works towards bolstering the need for spreading knowledge with respect to various fields and domains in order to diversify and broaden the horizon of aspiring students. We focus on imparting knowledge to students irrespective of
whether the questions asked are from the past or present. It highlights the importance of framing questions in such a way that the answers do not require a lot of brain storming but just an application of common sense and knowledge of current affairs. The Quiz Club acts as a platform for the IFMR Community to experience the sheer joy of jogging one's grey cells and exercising one's curiosity. If you love the thrill of getting to the correct answers quickly, and have a penchant for inquisitiveness, this is the right place. The Club also conducts regular theme based quizzes on campus, and conducts quizzes for many flagship events at IFMR.



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Adheeshwar Singh
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Ganesha Prabhu
Salil Mukherjee
Sanidhya Bhardwaj
Sunidhi Pandey