Diversity in Tunes

We are a medley of mixed cultures, striving to entertain many happy souls and touching lives. We're here to entertain you till the last beat of the drum, the last rhythm of the guitar, and till the last note of the song!
The music club at IFMR GSB, Krea University is a group of music enthusiasts with a variety of skills. We host our flagship inter-college event under Abhyudaya – the Battle of the Bands, which is a competition between bands.
Apart from performing in several intra college events, we also host our standalone intra college events for all music lovers like Fun-Takshari – a twisted variant of the traditional Antakshari, Karaoke Night – a place to unleash the singer in you and Sargam – Solo Singing competition. These events have been carefully created and crafted keeping in mind the diversity at the campus and that is what makes our events special. They have no language barriers as the saying goes, “Music has no language.”



Neetushree Konwar
Ria Bhattacharjee
Parijat Roy
Ipshita Mitra
Mayank Arya
Pratik Mishra
Lasya Priya
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